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Tattoo making is one of the most loved and popular forms of art today. It is also a form of self expression and people all around the world are seen sporting different tattoos on their body. A tattoo can be made on any part of the body. If you have decided to have a tattoo made, you may be simply confused while selecting the perfect tattoo design. However, there are many popular tattoo designs that are universally favored and never go out of fashion. Here are some famous neck tattoo designs for girls. These are made in smaller size due to availability of smaller space.

Neck Tattoo Design Ideas for Girls

Although tattoo making is equally popular among men and women, there are certain tattoo designs that seem feminine and hence, are preferred only by women. Here are such cute tattoo designs for girls to be made on the neck.

Butterfly Tattoos
The butterfly tattoo is one of the most favored tattoo designs for women. This tattoo is predominantly made for its sheer beauty. However, one may not be aware but there are several different meanings associated with the modest looking butterfly. It stands for freedom, transformation, change, good luck, etc. As there are nearly endless varieties of the butterfly known to man, you will have several options for designs. The butterfly tattoo can be made on the front or back of the neck and is one of the best neck tattoos for girls.

Flower Tattoos
The flower tattoo is yet another beautiful, graceful and ultra feminine tattoo option for women. Similar to the butterfly tattoos, flower tattoos are made for their sheer beauty. Even in case of flower tattoos, there are thousands of known varieties and hence, one can have many options for designs and patterns. If you research a bit, you will come across meanings associated with different flowers. Flower tattoos can be mixed with butterfly or vine tattoos to create more artistic tattoo designs.

Zodiac Tattoos
Zodiac tattoos are the most recent tattoo designs that are gaining popularity in the tattoo world. There is a specific symbol and glyph associated with every Zodiac sign which is used as a tattoo design. All the 12 symbols of the 12 Zodiac signs are very attractive and hence, make one of the best neck tattoo designs for girls. Zodiac tattoos are mostly made on the back of the neck.

Heart Tattoos
The heart is one of the most recognized and loved symbols in the world. It stands for love, commitment, relationship, etc. The heart tattoo can be made in different forms rather than the typical red symbolic heart. The red heart with a dagger, with an arrow, bleeding heart, heart with wings, etc. are the different heart tattoo designs. You can even have you beloved's name or initials inscribed inside the heart tattoo.

Text Tattoos
If you wish to have the most unique tattoo designs, then you can simply have some text inscribed on the back of the neck. This is one of the coolest neck tattoo designs for girls today. You can have text in different languages (there are hundreds of languages spoken around the world) and different scripts. The Kanji or the Japanese script is one of the most favored one. Short and famous quotes can also be used as texts in tattoos. These texts can also be written in attractive styles, colors and fonts. However, you should know the exact meaning of the script before going for it.


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