Chinese symbol tattoos

Chinese symbol tattoos rising popularity

Chinese symbol tattoos are among the most hottest tattoo art you can get. Over six thousand people search for the phrase "Chinese Tattoo" every single day,but that comes as no suprise because these tattoos are both beautiful and mystifying. Because most of the Western Hemisphere cannot really interpret Chinese writing we find the Chinese symbol tattoos to be really stimulating on the eye. Both culture and films have catapulted Chinese symbol tattoos to fame as well as their total mystique. The beautiful designs of the Chinese letters make for a great tattoo as well as the secret meaning each one has. Numerous tattoo enthusiasts are fond of Chinese symbol tattoos because only they recognize the meaning. Females are drawn to Chinese symbol tattoos due to the beauty of the design as well as the meanings of love and hope. Men that enjoy martial arts and movies about martial arts are also fans of Chinese symbol tattoos. Of course any person intrigued or a follower of Chinese culture will likely request a Chinese symbol tattoo.
Chinese symbol tattoos – Do your homework

Once you have decided to get a Chinese symbol tattoo, you must do your own research before jetting to the nearest tattoo parlor.The symbols  are written in reverse order which means you last name is written before your first name. You will want to make sure what name you'd like or what you want your tattoo to symbolize is translated into the correct Chinese symbol. There are many websites that specialize in Chinese symbol tattoos and their corresponding translations. Also, you may try a Chinese- English dictionary or enlist the help of a Chinese translator.


Chinese symbol tattoos are permanent and you will want to ensure that your design reflects exactly what you want. Another option is to search for a Chinese symbol tattoo artist, one who specializes in this specific art. The tattoo artist can work with you to pick out each symbol or letter to fit your needs.
Chinese symbol tattoos vairiety

As with any form of tattoo, Chinese symbol tattoos should be drawn carefully and reflect the art of the Chinese written language. Each line of the Chinese letter should be inked accurately and have a specific stroke. One variety of Chinese symbol tattoos is Kanji; which is a form of the Japanese language to have Chinese meanings. Use caution when approaching Kanji, the symbols appear the same as Chinese but may have a different translation. Once again, your tattoo artist will be able to assist you with this.