Coaching With Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos

Coaching With Temporary Tattoos
temporary tattoos

Mike DuBose, defensive line coach for the Memphis Tigers who formerly lead the Crimson Tide of the University of Alabama to an SEC championship, liked to say on occasion, “The same things win. It doesn't matter where you coach them. The game's the same.”  DuBose, like other coaches, has his own way to leading and inspiring his team.  Coaches of all professions – sports, business, nutrition, love, life- are constantly searching for new, cutting edge techniques to inspire their group.  
An inexpensive, cutting edge tool to push your group to the next level: temporary tattoos.
Teams have battle cries and slogans.  These phrases are unique and have special meaning to a group.  They invoke a sense of purpose and drive.  That's why as a coach you're always repeating your slogan.  You want your group to remember it.  It's almost like a mantra. They chant it because they want to achieve the same success that you've achieved and be the best they can be.  It pumps them up and inspires them.
Since you already have the inspiration factor going for you, it's just a matter of communicating it in the best possible way.  What better way to invoke the motivation behind your slogan to get that slogan in front of your team in the form of a temporary tattoo?  Something they can wear or display on a wall or put in a folder.
Recall the W.W.J.D bracelets that were popular.  They served as a reminder to make decisions according to a set of teachings.  The message was clear and accepted. You're supposed to ask yourself what Jesus would do in your predicament.
You can use temporary tattoos in the same way. Let's say you're a basketball Coach during spring training and you want to have a perfect 10-0 season. Making temporary tattoos with “10-0” on it would remind your players what you're all aiming for.
Let's say you're a business Coach. You're earning 250,000 a year and you're speaking on how to achieve the same success. You can give out free temporary tattoos with “250K” on it. If you get the basic idea, you can apply it in several fields.
Temporary tattoos also give your group a sense of togetherness.  It's something each of them has that is the exact same.  Wearing uniforms or matching shoes or having the same style folder creates a sense of unity and pride – temporary tattoos work in the same way.  They're a no-brainer for coaches.  An easy to use, inexpensive tool to inspire your group.

Savvi Girls Bag of Tattoos (Set of 4) – 1 Sweet Tooth, 1 Snuggle Buddies, 1 Glitter 4 Girls, and 1 Fantasy Garden

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temporary tattoos

Savvi Girls Bag of Tattoos (Set of 4) – 1 Sweet Tooth, 1 Snuggle Buddies, 1 Glitter 4 Girls, and 1 Fantasy Garden

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temporary tattoosQuestion by PrincessxShadowxRocker: Temporary/Fake tattoos, anyway you can make them last longer?
Ello! Thankies for clicking, my little cousin Kiwi has this fake tattoo thing and she's going to a party with it, she's a little impatient so so she put it on today and i heard temporary tattoos last about a week and the party is next Wednesday. Is there any kind of liquid or something to make it last longer? Thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by Rachelle S
Just don't get it wet or rub on it or put ANYTHING on it. Just leave it be. But if it's in a place where her skin ‘stretches' when she's moving around, you can't really help that. But just cover it up when she takes a shower or anything.

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