Did You Say Temporary Tattoos? Temporary Tattoos Are Everywhere!

Temporary Tattoos

Did You Say Temporary Tattoos? Temporary Tattoos Are Everywhere!
temporary tattoos

Many people love the color and convenience of temporary tattoos. They are trendy and fun, popular with children, teen-agers and young adults. It's no wonder then that temporary tattoos have become a fund-raising tool for school athletic teams and community groups as well.

That's right. Pro and college sports fanatics may go to great lengths to paint themselves for big games, but even the small fry now can have customized temporary tattoos for their youth leagues.

There are many ways to use temporary tattoos to arouse school spirit, to raise funds for a group or even to advertise for children's performers, according to the feedback left on the websites of several temporary tattoo vendors. Some examples:

An author based in Texas ordered two sets of tattoos to promote two different series of juvenile fantasy novels she wrote. She uses the temporary tattoos as prizes and giveaways at book signings and other promotional events. She said the tattoos have proven so popular she has had to reorder twice!

An Illinois mother who coaches youth football and cheerleading ordered temporary tattoos with the league's logo. She uses them to reward the athletes and cheerleaders after practice. The players and cheerleaders – as well as many of their parents – wear the tattoos on their faces during games as a sign of unity and support.

A Connecticut couple purchased temporary tattoos in a romantic heart design as wedding favors. The engaged couple said their design and the tattoos themselves made a unique gift for their wedding guests.

A California youth football league turned out to be promoters for their temporary tattoo vendors. After selling the temporary tattoos as a fundraiser, the league's parents and players wore the tattoos regularly to games. Their distinctive design caught the attention of opposing teams, who asked how to get temporary tattoos for themselves.

A bank manager in Colorado got a temporary tattoo resembling her financial institution's logo. She showed it off at a branch managers' meeting, saying that after nearly two decades of working for the bank she thought it was time to get herself branded with the company logo. The bank president responded jovially, saying, “Well I guess we can't fire you now, can we?”

Finally, a magician in Pennsylvania had a vendor create temporary tattoos of his advertising logo, which includes a photo of his face. He and his family were so excited by the tattoos they all put them on immediately. Walking billboards!

Whatever your profession or passion, check out temporary tattoos. You may be surprised at what you can create and display.

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temporary tattoosQuestion by Jessie: Where can i buy Temporary tattoos in store?
I really like them. I looked around Walmart and couldn't find any. At Walmart i only got this big temporary tattoo kit with many fake tattoos but i still want to buy some more.

I was wondering what store has temporary tattoos and where its location is in the store so i don't go searching for hours on end!Anyways i hope you can help!Thanks for trying!

Best answer:

Answer by Tim
Try buying Temporary tattoos store on Amazon.
I hope this link can help you.

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Here's how to remove both traditional temporary tattos and Japanese Paper Tattoos.