Dragonfly Tattoo Ideas – Here are Some Excellent Suggestions!

Tattoo Sketches

Dragonfly Tattoo Ideas – Here are Some Excellent Suggestions!
tattoo sketches

I decided to write this article after a friend of mine kept pestering me for some dragonfly tattoo ideas. I’m not really a creative person and utterly sick of her incessant badgering, I suggested that she pick the brain of a tattoo artist instead. I mean, what better way to get a bunch of cool design ideas then from the pros who ply their trade passionately every single day, right? Well, it turns out that there’s an equally better way of acquiring breathtaking design ideas but I’ll talk about that in a bit.

Anyway, my friend and I decided to pay a visit to one of our favorite tattoo shops and see what sort of ideas that the resident artist can come up with. As usual, the artist didn’t disappoint and we were completely awed as he eloquently sketched out a few gorgeous dragonfly tattoo ideas on a piece of paper. Here are some of his sketches that got stuck in my memory:

A big circle in the shape of two dragonflies facing each other – Both dragonflies was rendered in contrasting colors with their wings intertwined. I thought it was a pretty remarkable design (albeit in roughed out sketch) and would’ve looked really awesome if the final product were place on either the breast plate or smack right on the shoulder (mid deltoid).

A cute little fairy reaching for a dragonfly – The artist roughed out some sketches of a baby fairy chasing after a dragonfly in various comic-book style angles. I think this a very cool fantasy piece and both creatures seemed to gel very well together.

Dragonfly perching on a flower – One of the most popular dragonfly tattoo ideas and has been done pretty much to death. Suffice to say; if I got paid a dollar for every dragonfly with flower tattoo that I’ve noticed over the years, I would’ve been a tycoon with a chain of tattoo studios under my belt. Nevertheless, it is still a time-tested design and the artist did a wonderful job of rendering both, the flower and dragonfly in a very stylistic approach with the latter’s wingspan motif being the standout element of the entire creation. We also discovered that it is best not to complicate the dragonfly’s wings by adding wordings on them as it’ll make the whole design look extremely hokey.

Photorealistic dragonfly tattoo – Want a truly realistic looking dragonfly tattoo? Make sure you get yourself a reputable artist to handle the work. Since this type of design is highly intricate in nature, the size of the tattoo has to be reasonable big in order to accommodate all the details. Opting for a tattoo that is small but loaded with intricate designs is a big mistake as the lines will eventually thicken after several years, and you might just wind up with an ugly blot of ink permanently stamped on your body.

Tribal dragonfly tattoo – Not a good idea! According to the artist, this is one the lamest dragonfly tattoo ideas. I fully agree with him as Tribal tattoos are so common nowadays, hence they must be avoided if you’re keen on having a tattoo that oozes originality. Oh, I did say that there’s an equally better way of finding unique and gorgeous tattoo creations right? Here’s a tip: You can find them in reputable online tattoo galleries. That’s right; you don’t even have to leave the house In order to find tons of great dragonfly tattoo ideas! Wish I learned about them earlier. My friend would have quit harassing me!

Episode 9

tattoo sketches – click on the image below for more information.

tattoo sketches

Episode 9

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tattoo sketchesQuestion by domo-kun: how to transfer tattoo sketches onto skin? ?
err im not a scratcher or whatever you people call it… just wanting to get that out, i need to do it for an art project, i just need to have an outline of a design on my models back so i can go over it with a marker or something for a photoshoot… but not like you care or anything XD haha!
anywho, do you think tracing paper and vaseline would work? im completly new to this, it needs to be low budget aswell.

Best answer:

Answer by Heart of Fire
Bring the sketch to a tatoo artist and they will do this for you….they're good like that.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
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