Fake Tattoos Can be a Fun Party Favor

Temporary Tattoos

Fake Tattoos Can be a Fun Party Favor
temporary tattoos

There are many things to consider when planning a party. Sorting out how many people you are planning to invite, what sort of refreshments to offer and what sort of decorations or favors to use to add fun to the event all play a part in the planning process. One of the many things you might consider adding are ways to have fun and express yourself and an excellent  way to do this is by using temporary tattoos. We don’t often consider fake tattoos a part of this mix of elements, however they can offer quite a bit of creativity and fun to almost any event. Temporary tattoos are available in many different varieties and at some stores you may be offered the chance to customize your own if you prefer.

What sort of parties could fake tattoos be a part of? Because of their wide ranging variety of styles, tattoos can be used at most any event you want. When it comes to children’s parties the sky is the limit. Kids often enjoy the fun colors and patterns of temporary tattoos and parents appreciate the limited time that fake tattoos remain. Birthday parties, slumber parties, holiday events are all great times to use temporary tattoos for the kids. Whether they are used at the party or handed out as gifts for later applications almost any child will appreciate them.

 For adults fake tattoos could be used for buck and hen parties where the environment is more relaxed; this is also true of Halloween parties where creativity and expressing one’s self are part of the fun. Adding a fake tattoo to any outfit or costume can add a little spice to the look and help you take on a new persona if you so desire. Tattoos are no longer as limited or taboo as they once were. Using a temporary tattoo as an accessory can give you yet another way to complete the overall effect of many styles of dress and give you a conversation piece to get some lively discussions going. What could be a better way to add a new element to your party?

If you are planning on using fake tattoos for your event make sure to order several of each pattern so that your guests may mix and match them freely. This is especially important when throwing a children’s party where maintaining order is one of the more important planning considerations. If you are going to order custom patterns it is important to make sure that you design and order them well ahead of schedule so that there will be no unwanted delays. Make certain to verify if there are any special instructions you have to remember when designing your tattoos as well. Factors like a limited color palette and size range should be factored in before you begin working on your design. If you are looking for some specific pattern that is custom designed by you, you can also opt to get special tattoo paper that you can print your tattoos on at home if you like.

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temporary tattoos

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temporary tattoosQuestion by kihiwis-love: I need some big black and grey temporary tattoos for my costume, where do I get them?
I want to be Kat Von D for Halloween, but I'm having trouble getting any temp. tattoos where I live.

Any idea where I can get some big, BLACK AND GREY temporary tattoos?

Any other ideas about how to solve my tattoo problem?!!

Best answer:

Answer by starfire978
Call your local tattoo places and see if they do temporary ones. Plenty of places will do the temp ones with just drawing it onto the skin to allow a client to see if they like the designs/colors etc. I couldn't tell you you much it would cost but it'll likely get you what you're looking for. Be sure to bring a drawing or picture of what you want with you to give the artist a good idea of what you're looking for.

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