Fashion Is Going Wild For Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos

Fashion Is Going Wild For Temporary Tattoos
temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos are getting more and more popular during all ages of people. It is a great way to be artistic to your body with temporary tattoos and at the same time avoid the pain and no regrets with permanent tattoos. Temporary tattoos are fashion for a range of purposes: Self-expression, Advertising, Parties, Religion and more.

Applied in seconds and last for days, temporary tattoos are a new way to express your individual. Those temporary tattoos have thousands of designs to choose from. You can certainly choose at least one design you like. Zodiac tattoos are popular as well as traditional hearts, butterflies and birds. Fake tattoos are a lot of fun and enable you to express yourself depending on the mood you are in at the time. And you can get many different sizes designs depending on where you want to put it and how much of a statement you want to make!

Temporary tattoos have been proved being great way to advertise business. You can have your company logo made into a tattoo or any design you want which allow the wearer to get and remove the tattoo at will without any troubles back at home. Also, many temporary tattoos are akin to a promotional t-shirt, they’re both worn and given away as freebies with the chance that being used is advertising and marketing. Temporary tattoos can make your products design and logos more attractive and intriguing which makes your company more impressive.

Temporary tattoos can help you be more attractive on your party, such as Christmas party, Halloween Party. When you're invited to dress up for Halloween party, make sure to complete your outfit by getting a matching temporary tattoo. Scars, wounds and boils are especially great for your pirate, flower designs for your hippies and pixies and angel wings on your back if you're going as an angel. Or perhaps mix it up with a devil design with your angel outfit, it's up to you.

There is practically any design you want available out there, and if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, then there is always DIY Tattoo Paper or Tattoo Decal Paper. It's really easy to use and all you need is a computer, a printer and the tattoo paper and you're set. This is also a lot of fun for kids to create and design their own tattoos. And if you are finding it hard to decide on a permanent design, why not try a few temporary ones to see how they will look and feel.


Fantasy Garden '10, Over 50 Temporary Tattoos

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temporary tattoos

Savvi's temporary tattoos are made in the USA using vegetable inks and ingredients that are FDA and FD&C approved. The tattoos are applied with water and last for several days. They can be removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

Fantasy Garden '10, Over 50 Temporary Tattoos

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temporary tattoosQuestion by spoiledsmartypants23: How long do temporary tattoos last on average?
I got two really cool temporary tattoos last Friday. It's Tuesday and they're still there. Just wondering how much longer they'll be there if I don't remove them with rubbing alcohol or anything.

Best answer:

Answer by CrAzY HoBo
you cant get them on friday! then theyll never come off!!!!!

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StrayTats – How to Apply Temporary Tattoo

This video will show you how to put on your StrayTats custom temporary tattoo.

This video will show you how to put on your StrayTats custom temporary tattoo.