Full Sleeve Tattoo Designs – How To Choose Them

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Full Sleeve Tattoo Designs – How To Choose Them
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Like the name suggest, full sleeve tattoos are tattoo designs that covers the arm like a sleeve. Usually, full sleeve tattoos are done on the arm and the length of the “sleeve” varies, and it usually begins from the shoulder blade and stretches all the way down to the wrist. And besides the full sleeve tattoos, there is also half sleeve tattoos and quarter sleeve tattoos.

The term full sleeve derives from the sleeve of a shirt however, this sleeve definitely gives you a much more artistic flair and personality!

If you already gotten some tattoo done, you would probably know the feeling of getting hooked to add more tattoos. And most people do not stop at only one tattoo because tattoo can be addictive. Some even find the process of getting a tattoo therapeutic.

But no matter what, getting a full sleeve tattoo, half sleeve or quarter sleeve tattoo will be a big commitment in money, time and energy. So you must be prepared if you are want to get one.

And you might be wondering how much it will cost to get a full sleeve tattoo. The answer is, there is no standard guideline to how much a tattoo will cost because there are a number of factors involve on how an artist will charge:

The popularity of the artist – If you are getting a tattoo done by a well known tattoo artist, it will definitely cost much more. However, it will be worth the amount you pay if art works done by the particular tattoo artist turns out great.

What type of design you want to get – How much a tattoo artist will quote you also largely depends on the tattoo design that you are using. And of course, a more customize design is going to cost more than a stock design. Again, you get what you pay for so if you want your tattoo designs to be unique, paying a little more for a custom tattoo will be well worth the money. And you get a unique tattoo to boost about.

How busy is the studio – If the shop is usually busy, you definitely are going to expect paying a higher price. But, do not choose a tattoo studio base on how busy it is and rather, choose a studio according to the skill of the artist.

The details of the art work you choose – Some tattoos are much more complex in detail than others. And a tattoo design with much complex detail is likely going to cost more than a simple one.

These are few factors that you need to factor if you want to know how much a tattoo is going to cost you. However, do not get a tattoo from a studio just because it is cheap. The most criteria is the artist can produce tattoos that are well done and in high quality!

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tattoo sleevesQuestion by Jimmy: The Cost of Tattoo sleeves?
I am thinking about getting some partial tattoo sleeves. Contrary to the usual way of doing what they call “half sleeves” I only want to cover my forearms (below the elbow).

I am aware that tattoos vary in price based on size, color, the tattoo artist, etc. but I’m really just looking for an estimated cost.

If this helps, I am quite small in stature; my arm flesh’s total outside surface area is only about 1.6 square feet / 18.8 square inches.

Also, I currently live in New Zealand, so if anyone knows whether there is a difference in cost here, that would be nice to know as well.

Best answer:

Answer by Lyricoll
Each shop quotes differently. It depends on the artist doing the work, the detail & colors used among other things. Typically, when you get a sleeve done it's not done all at once, it's broken down into sections which means repeat visits to your artist. Your best bet is to go into a shp and ask for a quote.

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www.PicturesofTattoos.Org Showing off their arm sleeve tattoos. Crazy tattoo people of the world. Creative and different styles.

www.PicturesofTattoos.Org Showing off their arm sleeve tattoos. Crazy tattoo people of the world. Creative and different styles.