Homemade Cheap Tattoo Machines 123

Tattoo Machine Kit

Homemade Cheap Tattoo Machines 123
Tattoo Machine Kit

Sometimes people who occasionally want tattooing on their body may not bother going to tattoo shop, finding a tattoo artist or buying one set of cheap tattoo machines to finish the job. Sometime you may want to tattoo yourself but suddenly you can't find your own cheap tattoo machines around! On this occasion, I teach you one way to make a homemade tattoo machine:

First, you need to get following items prepared which are easy to find in life:

Bic pen, guitar strings, tooth brush, an eraser, a small motor operated by battery, and tapes.

Now you could follow below procedures to make them up to one set of homemade cheap tattoo machines:

The bic pen is which would be your tube to house the needle, take off the ink tube of it and pull the ball out, insert the needle into the tip.

Go with the tooth brush now. Cut off the bristles. Use your lighter to heat the tooth brush to “7” shape, until the shape is stiff.

Make the two above items together. Use tapes to join the bic pen to the tooth brush.

Shove the eraser to the shaft of the motor, make it right in the middle. And then join the set to the tooth brush and the bic pen. Tape the brush and the motor.

Until now, the basic form of a homemade tattoo machine is ready. You need to find a power source, such like a plug-in adapter from a CD player and so on. Hook up a battery to the switch and make the motor connected to it.

Start the whole set and then you could find you've already make up one set of your homemade cheap tattoo machines.

Superior Bargain Tattoo Kit with Orange Raven Tattoo Machine

Tattoo Machine Kit – click on the image below for more information.

  • Superior's Orange Raven set up as a shader. Proudly made in America!
  • Complete kit with power supply, foot pedal, clip cord, and other tattoo equipment
  • 8 Piece bonus flash set included and also tattoo artist guide
  • We ship products daily. Orders placed and paid before 5 PM EST will be shipped the same day.

Tattoo Machine Kit

Contains:Orange Raven Tattoo Machine Only – Shader
Portable Power Supply W/ Clipcord
Kit Foot Switch for C4
Sterilized 3 Pack (1 single, 1 three, 1 five)
Single Round Disposable Tube 5/8″ Grip
3 Round Disposable Tube 5/8″ Grip
5 Round Disposable Tube 5/8″ Grip
Red 1/2oz Prizm Color
Blue 1/2oz Prizm Color
Green 1/2oz Prizm Color
Brown 1/2oz Prizm Color
Yellow 1/2oz Prizm Color
Black 1/2oz Prizm Color
White 1/2oz Prizm Color
6 Hole Plastic Ink Cap Holder
#10 Ink Caps 50pk
(2) – Di

Superior Bargain Tattoo Kit with Orange Raven Tattoo Machine

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Tattoo Machine KitQuestion by Tralca: tattoo machine questions/tattoo kits. help pwease?
oooook, ive been searching for tattoo kits and want to know, the tattoo machine in the link i will add is from afterlife customs, its reaaly cheap like only 6$ for the machine its self, does that mean its a piece of crap? http://cgi.ebay.com/Complete-Tattoo-Starter-Kit-2-Guns-Supply-Set-Equipment-/270626567446?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0

Best answer:

Answer by Kukukachoo

First of all, I have NEVER seen a decent machine or any equipment at that price, so I would suggest not purchasing it. – I think any tattoo artist on here would agree with this statement….Boogeyman….Al B???

Secondly, It sounds like you are NOT a Tattoo Artist's apprentice and you are possibly trying to learn at home….PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS!!! It is dangerous and a waste of your time.

I know it's hard to get started, but you will end up learning tattooing incorrectly and performing to the lowest of your abilities. ~ Something I'm sure you do not want to happen

If you are an apprentice, I apologise, but I find it hard to believe as your trainer should be showing you which machine and equipment is the best to buy and why!!! If you are an apprentice and the person teaching you has not given you any advice whatsoever on what machines / power supplies / needles / gloves / cleansers / inks and other preparation materials to buy, then you should not be learning under him / her!! >_< Please take the proper steps sweets...you will really appreciate it in the long run and you will also learn how to tattoo properly without messing up someone's body in the process. Just remember, when you tattoo people, you represent yourself as an artist and professional...you can't do that with a $ 6 machine!!! Also, please read up on Hygiene and the safety requirements for tattooing...be safe XD I'm not scolding you or anything, just giving you a good piece of advice and knowledge on how to get started.... Every tattoo artist was once a novice and beginner and we all had to learn the same way to become as professional and creative as we are now...it takes time and money and energy, but is well and truly worth it in the end. Best of luck hun XD xxx

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