How Much Will This Tattoo Cost?

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How Much Will This Tattoo Cost?
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Probably the most common question, aside from “what do you think I should get” and “how bad will this hurt?” is “How much will this tattoo cost?” I know I wondered this my first time. Well the answer is that “it depends”.

The price is dependent on what type of tattoo you're getting. The least expensive is going to be a small, simple design like a 1″ x 1″ square or other simple shape. The most expensive tattoos will be intricate full body tattoos, otherwise known as suits since they cover the body like a suit. Between those two extremes are half sleeves, full sleeves, full backs, etc.

All factors vary, including who will be doing the design and if they have to illustrate it for you or if it's from a stencil. Some other factors that will determine the cost of the tattoo are; placement, design, colors, size, original or from flash, time to complete, and on what the market rate is and what the tattoo artist determines to be the going price for their service.

Ask people with tattoos and artists

You can ask them what they paid for this tattoo piece or that one and that will give you a round figure of the cost associated. Also ask people who have tattoos that you like, or are in the style you like, where or who did it. From their answer you'll be able to find a competent and hopefully good artist to continue asking about pricing. Once you find a good tattoo artist, not the cheapest necessarily but will provide you with a good tattoo, start asking questions. Tattoo artists, much like any business person, are looking to gain your business and the more guidance they provide you the more you'll trust them with your tattoo.

At the end of the day you want a good tattoo for your money, considering they are pretty permanent. Through speaking with the artist and acquaintances, hopefully you'll become more comfortable with them and this will make the price and the decision to get tattooed by them that much easier.

Please note that tattoo prices will vary between artists and their portfolio should help you decide on who to have tattoo you.

Good luck with all of your tattoos.

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tattoo sleevesQuestion by Nell: I have two tattoo sleeves and dread locks. should i be stereotyped?
Not sayin im an angel, but i'm not all bad. we all have a past right?
I feel like Charlie in Carlito's way.

Best answer:

Answer by JIMMY
If you feel that you are stereotyped then you are. No matter what any one says. The opposite of course is also true.

Do you realize that in about 40 years, we'll have thousands of old ladies that look like your grand mother running around with tattoos and face jewelry?(And rap music will be the Golden Oldies !

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