Looking For Patriotic Eagle Tattoos? 2 Tips to Weed Out Patriotic Tattoos of the Highest Caliber

Tattoo Sketches

Looking For Patriotic Eagle Tattoos? 2 Tips to Weed Out Patriotic Tattoos of the Highest Caliber
tattoo sketches

A lot of people looking for patriotic eagle tattoos using popular search engines like Google and Yahoo, and they end up with designs that are so insipid, you can’t help but wonder whether they were created by professional tattoo artists, or a bunch of kindergartners on crack.

You know, I’m kind of red-faced because I used to search for tattoo designs in this manner.

I’ve waded through countless of generic tattoo websites for the past 6 months. Well to be frank, there’s nothing wrong with using the aforesaid search engines to get your patriotic eagle tattoos, you might stumble upon a few gems if you look hard enough.

But the problem is
, it may take up a huge amount of your time to pour over those bland sites and for the sake of patriotism, we must locate those first-rate patriotic tattoos on the double!

Here’s a couple of tips to help you obtain designs that are unique and of the highest caliber.

Hook Up With a Pro Artist

Try hooking up with a professional tattoo artist and blab out whatever ideas you may have to him. A top-notch tattoo artist would be able to sketch out some smashing designs with the greatest of ease no matter how incoherent your ideas are.

Case in point: A friend of mine went to a tattoo shop the other day to check out some samples of patriotic tattoos.

He couldn’t pin down the right design and when the artist on duty attended to him, he started jabbering incoherently about patriotism, eagles, flags, squirrels battling turtles in the sky, etc.

As soon as the gibberish ends, the said artist armed with a pencil and piece of paper, quickly whipped out a few sketches.

Several tweaks later and my pal got what he had in mind, translated with extreme clarity onto a piece of paper. Such is the power of a pro tattoo artist.

Now, I understand that a creative and reliable tattoo artist is hard to come by and some of you would prefer to print out those patriotic eagle tattoos on the web, bring the printed copies to the tattoo shop and get inked pronto!

No long-winded discussion and no blabbing because you already know exactly what you want.

If that’s the case, you should…

Get into Online Galleries

When it comes to quality printable tattoo flash, look no further than online galleries. You may discover a lot of astoundingly unique patriotic eagle tattoos that you won’t see on any one of those lame, generic tattoo sites.

I can’t stress enough on the importance of having a unique tattoo.
This way, you can lead a more tranquil life, without considering a tattoo removal surgery the minute you discover that someone has a tattoo similar to yours.


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tattoo sketchesQuestion by Jessica: Can someone design me a tattoo sketch?
My husband and I are recently married and were thinking of getting tattoos together. We want the same tattoo, and we have an idea of what we want, but unfortunately neither of us are very artistic. We were thinking of getting the infinity symbol with both our initials incorporated into it somehow. His initial is B and mine is J. We wanted the two letters in a nice, cursive style font, and possibly connected or looped together in some way, intertwined with the infinity symbol. If anyone is willing to make a sketch for us with their ideas, it would be a great help.. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Japanerd
why don't you go to a local (tattoo)artist and get them to design it? more trust worthy then the internet.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!