Make-Up Artists Who Specialise In Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos

Make-Up Artists Who Specialise In Temporary Tattoos
temporary tattoos

Tattoos first appeared 5000 years ago in India. It was customary to adorn oneself with a tattoo for a variety of reasons: as a fashion or beauty accessory, as a means of personal expression or a religious or social statement. Tattoos were also used for healing purposes.From India, tattoos traveled to Africa, then the Mid East. Now the tattoo is a canvas for personal expression in every country on the planet.

Temporary tattoos are getting a lot of attention these days, largely because of their organic origins. Historically a henna-based product, temporary tattoos now come in a wide variety of colors. Improvements to the inks and glues have produced an exceptional product.

In Australia, Amunez Temporary Tattoos was founded in 1997 by a group of pharmacists who wanted to produce a high-quality ink. They collaborated with chemists and dermatologists and created a formula for a long-lasting skin paint, made from a safe chemical powder and a catalyst binding solution. When properly mixed and applied, the result was a smooth black image that lasted for seven days to six weeks. In 1999, Amunuz came out with color inks.

A temporary tattoo is an all-natural, safe and painless way to decorate your body and the process is very easy. A sheet of special paper is first covered with a special plastic coating. Then the tattoo image is printed using high quality cosmetic-grade ink. A non-toxic glue is applied to the image and a transparent plastic sheet is applied to protect the image/ glue layer. Finally a special backing is applied. To use, one simply removes the plastic sheet, places the image face-down and applies water to the backing. The backing is then removed, revealing an image that will last 3-5 days.

Temporary tattoos can be produced free-hand or with stencils. They can be flat black or a spectrum of colors, including metallic and florescent.These tattoos are seen everywhere, as logos for events like the Olympic Games, Wimbledon, and European football and rugby matches. They also appear in bridal parties, on fashion runways, at street events and children's birthday parties.

Many makeup artists contribute their tattoo skills to the movie industry. Neil Gorton of Millennium FX has created war wounds for Saving Private Ryan, special effects for Gladiator, Inkheart, The Wolfman, and Dr. Who. Some of his TV work can be seen on Little Britain and Torchwood.

Ria Clauss ( is another makeup artist who specialises in creative aspects of body art.

Many celebrities have received temporary tattoos for their film portrayals, such as Sean Penn (Mystic River), Vin Diesel (XXX), Brad Pitt (Oceans 12) and Gary Oldman (Harry Potter: The Prisoner). Just about every celebrity you can name sports some sort of tattoo and countless on-line retailers exist where one can purchase temporary tattoos of their favorite celebrities' body art:, Raymond Mallick at and Henna Body Art (

Temporary tattoos are safe, affordable and fun and deserve a spot on every body!

Reptiles Tattoos (Temporary Tattoos)

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temporary tattoos

Poison dart frog, crocodile, painted turtle, collared lizard, 6 more. Instant attention-getters for tattoo lovers of all ages.

Reptiles Tattoos (Temporary Tattoos)

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temporary tattoosQuestion by kyuuketsukinousagi: Where can I get the paper to make cheap temporary tattoos?
I want to make a load of temporary tattoos (based on Raiden's barcodes etc. from Metal Gear Solid 2) to see whether they look good before I get them done for real. Where can I find temp. tattoo paper that can go though a domestic printer?

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Answer by hugh jorgan
Print temporary tattoos on inkjet paper

bTattoos are fun and a beautiful artistic way to express yourself. I believe it gives other people an image of who we really are as individuals. While I dearly love my two tattoos, I didn't appreciate the pain that I had to endure to be marked for life.

If you love tattoos and want to forgo the pain of the needle, you can make your own temporary tattoos and print them out on your inkjet printer. Crafty Computer Paper has step by step instructions for you to follow, or you can download their instruction sheets. Their temporary tattoos are water based and non toxic, making them friendly for all skin types.

The company recommends that you try a very small practice tattoo on kids before applying a larger one to make sure that their skin doesn't negatively react to the ink. To remove the temporary tattoos ,just scrub the tattooed area with hot soapy water, or if you want to strut your stuff, the tattoos can be left on your skin for up to a week.

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Airbrushing a Temporary Tattoo Part 1

Applying a Temporay Tattoo using self adhesive stencil and airbrush

Applying a Temporay Tattoo using self adhesive stencil and airbrush