Personalize: Design Your Own Tattoo

Tattoo Sketches

Personalize: Design Your Own Tattoo
tattoo sketches

Getting a tattoo is a delightful way to show your personality. All too often, you notice many people that have the same tattoo with either a common design or exactly the same design! This is overmuch a shame since tattoos are intended to represent creativity and originality.

Those who do not wish to be identical to everyone else in the world when it comes to tattoos can create their personalized one! If you reckon that it may be difficult because you are not very artistic, think again. With just a bit of communication, you will be able to channel your vision of the best design to an experienced artist.

While this process may seem a little bit complicated, it's actually not. Even if you don't have artistic skills, a decent sketch might be all you need. You can find a talented artist  to turn your sketch into a perfect work of body art. Many times tattoo artists get tired with drawing the same ole' designs time and again, thus by showing him or her your idea, you'll be able to simulate their artistic talents.

If you are able to find the moments to sketch out the tattoo before going into the shop, and you generally have some estimate about what it is that you want to have, it'll be a bit effortless on the creative artist to envision your idea clearly in their mind. If you're not an artist, cuting out designs from magazines and books and matching them up uniquely is a good means to get your ideas across to a tattoo artist. If you can, chalk out any thoughts you acquire from looking at the illustrations.

One really profound thing to do is to make sure the two of you are on the same page together before getting the tattoo. By being sure your tattoo artist recognizes what you really want, you'll increase your chances of being happy and overall satisfied with the finished work of art.

tattoo sketchesQuestion by monita: whats a good pen to use for tattoo sketches?

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Answer by -*jєѕѕι вαєє♥™
a gel one. but i think you write on wax paper so maybe start with a pencil and go over with pen ? lol i really dont know this is a shot in the dark 🙂

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