Promotional / Logo Tattoos- a Great Marketing Tool

Temporary Tattoos

Promotional / Logo Tattoos- a Great Marketing Tool
temporary tattoos

If you are aiming towards distributing your logo as widely as possible, then you can expand your logo / brand reach by purchasing a larger volume of promotional / customized tattoos. Logo Tattoos are easier to store and to distribute in mass quantities at a crowded place. If you want portray an elite image, then customize a smaller volume of luxury tattoos for distribution to selected clients. They will surely appreciate a fine product made of quality embellishments & raw materials. Your brand is as important to for Tattoo Bug as if it was our own.

A custom made promotional product is a direct reflection upon your company & organization. Tattoo Bug ensures your corporate identity is crisp, clean and consistent. There is no more cost effective form of advertising than with promotional customized temporary body tattoos. Promotional Tattoos are inexpensive and easy to distribute.

Best of all, advertising through Promotional / Logo Tattoos gives you absolute control over your brand uniqueness.Tattoo Bug offers a bespoke service for the manufacture of custom made transfer body tattoos, sticker jewels, glitter body tattoos, crystal / rhinestone tattoos, water transfer body tattoo & other sizzling range of temporary tattoos, whether in any kind of work, design or colors. Our custom made products can give fashionable appearance to any company's, university's, institute's or club's logo. Tattoo Bug also provides custom designed products to Fashion Designers, Events management companies, Advertising Companies & various other corporate. Tattoo Bug is also able to package to clients’ requirements.

Tattoo Bug is committed and driven to prove to our clients that temporary body tattoos are a winning method of promotion & advertising. For more information- &

temporary tattoosQuestion by htcoleman: Where can I buy (physical store) temporary tattoos?
We are having a a tattoo party, but what kind of stores would sell temporary tattoos? Tried Wal-Mart, Party City, Hobby Lobby, and a tattoo parlor

Best answer:

Answer by Taylor R
A place like Claires or ‘The Icing'…they're like girly teenage stores.

Also you might try a novelty store…we have a place called Spencers…but you might also try hot topic…Hastings

You need to check out pre-teen – teen stores. Like arcades. You might just have to get a few out of those machines you see all over…

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