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Tattoo designs for girls | Tattoo Designs
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Girls can look really sexy with just the right tattoo on their ankle. Tattoos can be flirty and feminine, or tough and enticing. With the right design and placement, a tattoo can change your whole look to make you appear more exotic and beautiful. But not just any ankle tattoo is a good choice. Before you step into the tattoo studio, here is some advice on sexy ankle tattoo designs for girls.

Getting a tattoo on the angle is fantastic for women and girls, because a pair of strappy sandals shows them off like nothing else. They are like the perfect glam accessory. Having a sexy tattoo on the ankle can get loads of attention. You're sure to get compliments from both the guys and the girls in the room.

There are a handful of typical ankle tattoo designs. These include faeries, dragons, floral designs, stars, religious art, Kanji, butterflies, or astrological signs. But don't let that list limit your choice. You can do a word or a picture of anything or anyone you want. There is no limit but your creativity when you're choosing an ankle tattoo.

If you want to get tattooed, understand a few tattoo basics. For starters, most locations across Canada and the United States ask that you be 18 in order to get a tattoo without parental permission. Over 16 you can still get a tattoo, but you'll need a parent to sign off on it.

Secondly, make sure to do your research on the tattoo studio you'll be visiting before you get your tattoo. Tattoo laws aren't that great, so basically anyone with the money can buy equipment and start up a tattoo studio. Getting a tattoo from somebody who doesn't know what they're doing can be really bad. Not only will your tattoo turn out awful, but you could get a bad infection that is painful at best and fatal at worst. Online reviews of tattoo studios and word of mouth are some of the best resources.

You might be excited to go out and finally get your tattoo, but take a little while to check things out first. Your tattoo will permanently be a part of you, day and night, so you don't want to rush into it and wish you'd done things differently later. View sketches and designs so you know very vividly what you want. You're most likely to get the perfect sexy ankle tattoo when you research it ahead of time.

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tattoo sketches

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tattoo sketchesQuestion by jrtootsiepop: Does anyone know where I can find/ does anyone have a good sketch of a dragon tattoo?
I'm thinking of getting my first tattoo soon and I want like a cute dragon, not a ferocious one. I suck at drawing so if anyone knows where I can find something like this or if you have a sketch like this that I could have a link to that would be great thanks:)

Best answer:

Answer by Smitty
Try google images

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