Tattoo Machine Ink – A Must Read Before You Get A Tattoo

Tattoo Sketches

Tattoo Machine Ink – A Must Read Before You Get A Tattoo
tattoo sketches

While many of us hope for a quality tattoo whether from a shop or at home there is one thing that must always be looked at. Tattoo machine ink and its quality will make the difference between a tattoo that stands out for 1 year or 20. Most tattoo shops use a quality tattoo ink and then others might go with cheap tattoo ink to cut costs.

Thinking Of Tattooing Yourself?

I sat around a few years ago sketching tattoo ideas and went to my local tattoo shops pricing the piece and found out how expensive it was. I had an idea to possibly tattoo myself and began researching where to buy my tattoo supplies as well as how to tattoo at home with online search engines.

This option might be going through your mind as well and I have a few tips before you start laying down ink on yourself. Start small and work your way up. Start with something small AND in a spot on your body that doesn't show all the time because if you mess up, that will be with you for the rest of your life.

I decided to tattoo my knee and might I add that tattooing on your knee is not only painful BUT almost impossible to lay down straight lines since you don't have the luxury of someone tattooing on someone else. The viewing angles and depending on which hand you tattoo with can really make that task difficult. Think about where on your body you are thinking of tattooing and imagine making the lines and see if that spot on your body is going to be hard to tattoo fully or not. The upper thigh is a great spot to start IF you are the gambling type because even if you mess up it won't be seen by many (assuming you are a male who doesn't wear short shorts…) but if you are a female, make sure and think about what part of your body doesn't get seen in public INCASE you mess up.

My homemade tattoo in the end turned out great, I cleaned it up a bit over the years and overall I was very pleased with my work. The tattoo machine ink that I purchased was a quality ink which can either make or break a tattoo especially a homemade tattoo. Just make sure and read up on tattooing tips and guides online and really think about it BEFORE you start tattooing yourself because there is no going back or erasing the tattoo. There is always covering up, new tattoos over your shoddy ones as well as tattoo removal BUT those will end up more expensive in the long run SO do your research now before you just buy a tattoo machine and some ink.

Where To Get Tattoo Supplies?

Whether you are a professional tattoo artist or a “do it yourself” tattoo attemptist getting quality tattoo supplies should not be something to go cheap on. Nowadays there are thousands of places online and offline to make your tattoo supply purchase as pain free as possible. Don't we all wish they can say that with tattoos themselves?

I have put together a catalog of thousands of tattoo supply companies where you can locate everything imaginable that you might need which is located here tattoo supplies so don't forget to take a look at the savings that can be had there.

Why Does Quality Tattoo Machine Ink Even Matter?

This is a question that really shouldn't even be asked but I have had plenty of these questions or comments before so I want to respond since it really is a subject that doesn't need to be skipped ever. You are putting something in your skin that is going to be there for life. You want to make sure to never use substandard ANYTHING especially since it will be under your skin. Imagine using low grade ink and having something go wrong or you becoming allergic to it. Worse things could happen as well including infection and disease so only locate reputable sources. I have done the leg work as far as that goes and you can learn more by checking the author box below for a link to my list of reputable online tattoo supply dealers who don't substitute quality for cost.

365 Martin LaCasse Tattoo Flash Book w/ Stencil Paper

tattoo sketches – click on the image below for more information.

  • Martin Lacasse has done it again! Set of four books in a beatiful hard slip case.Worth every penny!
  • Three Six Five is a collection of sketches drawn by Martin LaCasse over the course of one year
  • Each month is broken down into different subject matter
  • Beautiful sketchbook also includes full color paintings to each section
  • 5 pack Stencil paper and Stencil magic Free with book set

tattoo sketches

Book one starts with personal letter hand written by Martin LaCasse explaining the background to this project. Each month has a different subject which include: snakes, flowers, koi, skulls, hawks, pin ups, dragons, sharks and more!

365 Martin LaCasse Tattoo Flash Book w/ Stencil Paper

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tattoo sketchesQuestion by Smile:): sketches for first tattoo, and what to look for or ask about specialty work….help!?
I asked this question last night, and didn't get many responses because it was late. so here's the question. I am going to get sketches done on friday for my first tattoo. i'm going to a couple different places to look at their work and see what they would suggest. I don't really know proper ‘etiquette' when going to get sketches i let them know i am going other places? do i tip? idk what is appropriate.

also, i am getting a tattoo of cherry blossoms going from my hip around my waist to right below my shoulder blade. i am veryyyy pale and wanted the tattoo to look like a painting, like water color or pastels. what kind of tattooing is this? if there is a name. and what do i look for when choosing an artist to do a piece like this. i don't want any outlining, just shading lighter and darker at points. thanks for any input you all have!!!
Ashley, I actually put a lot of thought into my tattoo and it has significant meaning to me. Just because someone else has it because they think its “pretty” doesn't mean I won't get it. The reason why I got it is very individualistic and I don't need a rare king of flower or tree to prove that. Thankyou for your opinion, buti just have a different view.

Best answer:

Answer by .heather.
First off, you are doing the right thing by going to different shops. There is nothing we can say to give you the right direction besides look at all their work and books and decide if you feel comfortable with their work. And most shops are going to charge you for a drawing fee, which is basically a down payment towards your tattoo, so this might be the tricky part.

I think the best thing to do, is to ask them a few questions such as;
How comfortable are you doing a tattoo with no black lining?
How many other tattos like this one have you done and can i see pictures?
Can you make this tattoo more pastels and light like an art piece rather than a bold tattoo?

Asking them questions will just give you more information and more confidence in what you're getting. You don't want to sit down and the outcome be completely what you didn't want.

Just look around at their books and ask plenty of questions and good luck!

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