Tattoo Sleeves

Tattoo Sleeves

Tattoo Sleeves
tattoo sleeves

Tattoo Sleeves

This day and age, more and more people are deciding to get permanent tattoos, leaving their mark of choice on their skin.  If the tattoo is applied by an experienced artist, the risk involved will be minimal.  As sad as it is however, many people who get tattoos end up going to studios that use unsanitary equipment – resulting in infections or other serious problems. 

Tattoo Sleeves are a great new product that let you have real life looking tattoo's in an instant. Just simply roll or pull the Tattoo Sleeves over your arms.

The Tattoo Sleeves are made from nylon and spandex and individually printed, to give an authentic, attractive tattoo effect.

Tattoo Sleeves have been used on stage, TV Shows and Movies, to give the actors realistic looking tattoo's.

No one will know they are not the real thing, unless they are up close to you, even then some people can not tell the difference. They are great if you are thinking of getting a real tattoo, as you will see the different reactions you will get from the public.

They give you Breathable U.V Protection in Summer and  they keep you warm in winter. Wear them to parties, sporting events, fancy dress or just wear them to shock your friends and family. They are a great gag or party trick. 

You can find temporary tattoos in local stores or on the Internet.   They are very affordable as well, even cheaper if you buy them in bulk.

The best thing about temporary tattoos, is the fact that they are indeed temporary.  With temporary tattoos, you don’t have to worry about infections or unsanitary equipment, as there is no piercing of the skin involved. This is very cost friendly as well – as permanent tattoos require surgery to remove.

If you have been thinking about getting a permanent tattoo, you should first give a temporary tattoo a try.  Tattoos that are temporary provide an excellent way to test out designs, and see if a tattoo is right for you.  If you don’t like it, all you have to do is wash it off.  Then, you can purchase another one and see if you like it better. 

If you decide to get a permanent tattoo instead, you are pretty much stuck with it.  To get rid of a permanent tattoo, you’ll need to have it surgically removed, which can cost you thousands of dollars. You’ll also face the risk of infection, along with a permanent scar. Permanent tattoos are great though – providing you are happy with the tattoo.

All in all, temporary tattoos are easier to apply than permanent tattoos and they pose no risk to your skin or your health.  Those that are afraid of needles tend to like them as well, as they give you the chance to have a tattoo without going under the needle. Before you rush out and get a tattoo, you should instead give permanent tattoos a try.  They won’t cost you a lot of money – yet they will give you the chance to see how you look with a tattoo – and decide if a permanent tattoo is really something you want.

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Tattoo Sleeve (Sun, Moon, Skull, & Roses) ~ Party & Halloween Accessory

tattoo sleeves – click on the image below for more information.

  • Need a tattoo in an instant? Simply slip on this tattoo sleeve under a short sleeve shirt.
  • Includes 1 tattoo sleeve featuring sun, moon, skull, & roses design and made of stretchable nylon and spandex fabric. One size fits most adults (up to size Large).
  • It's easy and fun to wear! Awesome accessory for biker, rocker, or punk costumes.
  • Tattoo Sleeve also available in other designs (sold separately). Search SeasonsTrading Tattoo Sleeve for details.

tattoo sleeves

Tattoo Sleeve (Sun, Moon, Skull, & Roses) ~ Party & Halloween Accessory

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tattoo sleevesQuestion by daniel: what type of girls are attracted to guys with tattoo sleeves?
im getting 2 sleeves one will be colored and have water and koi fish on my forearm and flames and a dragon on my upper arm, the other one will be black and have a grim reaper, an hourglass, a skull, and a snake, they will be custom made

do girls like tattoed guys? what type?

Best answer:

Answer by Joseph Alexander
Hoes mostly. That and White trash. ^_^

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Japanese tattoo sleeve (sakura, koi, botan)

Continuing both of my arms. Here, left and right forearms. Motifs : sakura (cherry blossoms), botan (peony), koi (carp), waves and clouds. Still need a couple of sessions to finish it. Getting there. Slowly but surely.

Continuing both of my arms. Here, left and right forearms. Motifs : sakura (cherry blossoms), botan (peony), koi (carp), waves and clouds. Still need a couple of sessions to finish it. Getting there. Slowly but surely.