Temporary Tattoo Application and Removal Guide

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoo Application and Removal Guide
temporary tattoos

Tattoo on, tattoo off!

Temporary tattoos are much faster and easier to get on than real tattoos … thank goodness! The speed and ease with which they go on is a big part of their popularity, however many people still find that applying and removing temporary tattoos is actually a learned skill! If you've got a hot temporary tattoo sitting there and don't want to end up with a partial design, or a tattoo that breaks up the first time you pull a sleeve over it, read our start to finish guide to applying the perfect temporary tattoo, and removing it once you're done.

Placing your temporary tattoo

If the temporary tattoo is going on one of your kids, they'll probably already have strong ideas about where it is allowed, and not allowed! If you're popping on a cool temporary tattoo of your own, though, you might want to think beyond the bicep. Here are some unusual but attractive placements for temporary tatts, depending on their shape:

• On the back of your neck

• On your cheek

• Along the length of your shoulder blade

• On your hip

• On your lower back

• On the top of your foot

Preparing your skin

You'll want to wash the area where the temporary tattoo is to be applied with soap and water. Oils, creams and lotions may all affect how long the design stays on, and the length of time before it starts breaking up. Make sure your skin is dry before you pop the tattoo on.

If you have thick or coarse hair in the area where you want to apply your temporary tattoo, shave it first for best results.

Grab a pal

If you're putting the temporary tattoo on the back of your neck, your shoulder-blade or any other difficult to reach place, enlist the help of a friend to make sure it's on straight. If you shift the tattoo around while its setting because you're holding yourself in an awkward position, it won't work properly – make sure you can hold your pose for at least 45 seconds if there are no mates available!

Place the tattoo

If you need to cut your temporary tattoo out of a combo sheet, try to leave at least 3mm space after the edge of the design, to allow for minimal peeling after it has dried.

Peel off the plastic backing and put the tattoo on your skin, with the image facing downwards. Grab a wet washcloth and press it onto the back of the tattoo. Make sure the paper is saturated – some temporary tattoos have thicker paper than others, and will need more water to allow the design to transfer onto your skin. Press the design down for 30-40 seconds.

Peel the backing off

Do this slowly and carefully … if you notice any areas where the temporary tattoo picture is still attached to the paper, pop it back down immediately and put the washcloth back on. Squeeze a little water onto it, and press down for another 30 seconds or so to get the last little bits off.

Leave it to airdry

Don't blot or wipe it dry straight away – the temporary tattoo is still fragile and may just wipe off.

Removing your temporary tattoo

This is far easier than getting it on! Depending on the particular materials used, you can try any of the following methods:

• Baby oil/cooking oil and a cotton ball
• Mineral turpentine and a cotton ball
• Putting adhesive tape over the top of the temporary tattoo and pulling away like a Band-aid to remove the tattoo.

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How to apply:
1.Cut out tattoo of choice and remove clear sheet.
2. Place tattoo face down on skin
3. Wet the tattoo thoroughly with a sponge.
4 Gently remove the backing paper after 20-30 seconds.
5. Allow the tattoo to dry To Remove: Dab tattoo with rubbing alcohol or baby oil. Wait 10 seconds, rub alcohol or baby oil until removed.

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How To Make a Temporary Tattoo

Make a temporary tattoo using your imagination and your computer.

Make a temporary tattoo using your imagination and your computer.