Temporary Tattoos Can be a Great Way to Market Your Brand or Company

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos Can be a Great Way to Market Your Brand or Company
temporary tattoos

Looking for a new way to help promote your music or market your company? Temporary tattoos can be a fun and desirable way to spread the word about your products and self-promote on a budget. Wondering how temporary tattoos can help with marketing your product? Temporary tattoos are trendy and allow the wearer to use and remove the tattoo at will without it being permanent. When a tattoo is noticed it often becomes a conversation piece and point of interest. This means that if you offer it as promotional material it may have a great chance of being worn by adults as well as children alike. As they go out wearing the fake tattoo you gain notoriety and new interest is sparked in whatever you’re marketing.

In many ways a temporary tattoo is akin to a promotional t-shirt, they’re both worn and given away as freebies with the hope that with use they’ll help to promote whatever it is that is being sold for instance. But they’re also different. Fake tattoos can be more successful where promotional t-shorts are not. Why? Tattoos have an air of trendiness and cool that many t-shirts just aren’t able to evoke. With a long history of being worn by those who’ve gone through a rite of passage or someone who is tougher or more mysterious they’ve garnered a reputation for being a much more interesting and unusual form of self expression. T-shirts, while still being effective have a tendency to be seen as more everyday and normal; therefore they don’t tend to be as effective as something a bit more eye-catching.

Temporary tattoos are very popular right now and are as much for adults as they are for children. If you are able to design an effective and interesting enough fake tattoo you will have a much wider area of promotion. Where can you go to have these temporary tattoos made up? There are several companies that produce ready-made fake tattoo paper if you’d rather print them up yourself (a standard ink jet printer can be used for this purpose) but often you can draw up a logo or design and submit it for the company to produce for you.

What designs and logos might work best? It is best if your fake tattoos focus more on intriguing patterns and designs than logos. If you can work the logo of your company, product or musical group into the pattern all the better, but be careful not to leave to it looking too dull or uninteresting or it may not prove very effective. If your product could be interesting to children as well as adults you might want to consider making two different patterns for your fake tattoos. A few different varieties lends you a bit more attractiveness and opens up the area of interest for those with differing tastes. Use good marketing sense when you plan your tattoos and you will find that they can be a very effective advertising tool for promoting your company.

Mini Butterflies Tattoos (Temporary Tattoos)

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temporary tattoos

Nineteen different dazzling tattoos appear here: the long-tailed slipper, red admiral (or buckeye), giant sulphur, zebra, tortoise, piperine swallowtail, Colorado hair-streak, checker-spot, and more. Instructions.

Mini Butterflies Tattoos (Temporary Tattoos)

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temporary tattoosQuestion by Eowen: How to apply temporary tattoos?
I got a card with some temporary tattoos inside. when i took them out, some of the back side with the instructions got torn so i can't read them. would any of you know how too apply temporary tattoos? you know, the kind for little kids.

Best answer:

Answer by Sassy
cut around the tattoo leaving plenty of space around it (you can see some clear adhesive tattoo stuff, so avoid cutting that) **presuming there are other tattoos on the one sheet

Press firmly on dry skin, get a WET sponge and press down firmly for about 30 seconds.. make sure its very wet, if not, let go and put more water via sponge.

Slowly peel off backing paper and give tattoo a quick rinse. Air dry

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