Want A Temporary Tattoo That Looks Real?

Temporary Tattoos

Want A Temporary Tattoo That Looks Real?
temporary tattoos

One of the best and worst things about having a tattoo is that is will last the rest of your life. This might not be such a good thing if you get the ill fated lovers name tattooed on you or some really ridiculous design you got while your were drunk. But for the most part having a real tattoo is the best. However, if you are not ready to take the plunge and make the life long commitment to a real tattoo you may have a new option when it comes to fake and or temporary tattoos.

There is a new temporary tattoo out there on the market now. This new temporary tattoo is called Black Jagua Tattoos. The black/blue ink that is used for these new tattoos comes from the Jagua, which is a fruit that grows in the Amazon. The tribe members of the Amazon have been using the ink from the Jagua for years on end. The best part is the tattoo will last any where form 10 to 15 days and requires not pain, no needles and no expensive price tags and no after care. And after the 10 to 15 days have expired there will be no trace of the tattoo ever being there.

The Black Jagua tattoo is sold in a kit that cost .95 plus shipping and handling and is equipped with enough ink for 10 to 12 tattoos. And the best part they look just like a real tattoo that is done in black ink. The kits comes with a number of stencils and transfer paper. Most importantly it does not contain para-phenylenediamine, or PPD, which is the component that has caused so many people to have harsh reactions to henna tattoos. So if you are under age or are simple scared of needles but want a tattoo maybe the Black Jagua Tattoos is the answer you have been waiting for.

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temporary tattoosQuestion by D for drunk: how long temporary tattoos will sustain if not washed with water?
If no water is poured into it how long temporary tattoos will be remaining on the body parts??

Best answer:

Answer by Michelle
maybe a week. maybe less.

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Wake & jam 2010 (temporary tattoos)

a couple from Czech Republic making temporary tattoos

a couple from Czech Republic making temporary tattoos